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Our document management services facilitate instant and secure access to information with increased productivity, performance and profits. In your email please provide a description of the project and a contact phone number

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Professionally equipped to manage your needs, we offer services that allow you to allocate resources efficiently while staying focused on your core business. In your email please provide a description of the project and a contact phone number

Document Imaging & Indexing Services

Digital Documents, LLC is the leading document imaging and indexing services company. We provide Best Practice Outsourcing Services for Document Imaging, empowering your organizational processes by converting documents into digital assets. Our services facilitate instant and secure access to information, enabling increased productivity, performance and profits.

We are recognized experts in providing document imaging services to support large scale, Mission Critical conversion services for projects that require quick turnarounds and high quality deliverables. For the best document scanning company in Washington, DC, contact us.

Utilizing our dDSpeedScan® technologies and processes, we can provide your organization with the highest document imaging quality and coded data available in the industry today, enabling quick search and accurate retrieval of each file. We achieve this by tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of each project. Our clients realize tangible benefits that reduce their total file management expense and increase profits by optimizing their business processes. In fact, our clients typically realize a quick and measurable Return-On-Investment.

Below is an outline of the Document Imaging Services we provide:

Secure Production Facilities

  • State-of-the-Art Security Systems
  • 24 x 7 Security Staff
  • Climate Controlled Environment
  • Level 5 Nested Facility with Cypher-Locks
  • Bonded & Insured Document Handlers

Experienced Project Management

  • State-of-the-Art Security Systems
  • Document Imaging Project Requirements
  • File Coding Manual Development
  • Quality Assurance and Status Reporting
  • Staff Oversight and Management

Project Staffing

  • Project Manager and Quality Manager
  • File Preparation and Unitization Team
  • Document Conversion Services Team
  • Image Quality Assurance Team
  • File Reassembly Team
  • File Indexing and Coding Team
  • Coding Quality Assurance Team
  • Data Management Technicians

Project Design

  • Document Conversion Services Project Set Up
  • Project Requirements Review and Validation
  • Project Pilot (Image a Sample Set of Documents)

File Receiving

  • Box Level Inventory and Logging
  • Box Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

File Handling

  • Box Receiving
  • File Preparation
  • File Re-Boxing
  • Box Returns or Disposal

File Unitization

  • Define Document Beginning and Ending Points (Enabling Quick File Search and Retrieval)
  • Document Unitization
  • File Folder Unitization
  • Box Contents Unitization

Image Processing

  • dDSpeedScan 5.0 © for Imaging Documents
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Double-Feed Detection (Eliminating Page Skips)
  • Image Orientation Recognition
  • Document Preparation Detection
  • Batch Separation and Versioning
  • Blank Page Deletion
  • Thumbnail Generation for Document Navigation

Image Quality

  • Black & White / Gray Scale / Color
  • Scan Documents at 200 to 600 DPI (Enabling OCR Accuracy)
  • Dual Light Image Sensing (Eliminating Text Shadows)
  • Border Removal (Reducing File Size)
  • Forms Color Dropout (Enabling Text Recognition)
  • Image Deskew and Despeckle (Enhancing OCR Accuracy)
  • Advanced Text Enhancement (Minimizing Shading and Shadows)

Image Formats

  • PDF (Image and Image Over Text)
  • TIFF and Multi-Page TIFF
  • JPEG and JPEG 2000
  • Word and RTF
  • Text Document
  • HTML and XML Document
  • Database Files (CSV and DBF)
  • Conversion to Over 240 Image and File Formats

Image to Text Conversion (Optical Character Recognition)

  • Multi-Engine OCR Processing (Enhancing OCR Accuracy)
  • Enhanced Text Recognition
  • Enhanced Layout Retention (Enabling Cross Platform File Conversions)
  • Character Blocking (Minimizing the Need for OCR Clean-Up)

File Metadata Coding and Indexing

  • Title Coding
  • Content Coding
  • Search Indexing
  • Document Library Indexing

Image Numbering and Stamping

  • Electronic Bates and Page Numbering
  • Electronic Page Characteristic Watermarking

Quality Assurance Procedures

  • Image Quality Review
  • Batch File Quality Review
  • Data Coding Quality Review
  • Index Accuracy Validation
  • File Compression Validation
  • Quality Control Reports
    • Document Scanning Production Reports
    • Document Coding and Indexing Reports
    • Document Scanning Services Project Reports

Document Scanning Services Deliverable

  • Document Shipping and Handling
  • Prepare, Scan, Convert, OCR, Code, Index and Data Integration
  • Service Level Agreement Based on Business Needs
  • Store Deliverables on Media (CD/DVD/HD)
  • Web Access and Hosting
  • Integrate with Leading Document and Data Management Software Applications
  • Document Storage or Disposal

Whether you are in DC, Maryland, or Virginia or throughout the United States and world, contact us today to learn why we are the document scanning company that can help your team with your document scanning needs.

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