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Pharmaceutical Document Scanning

Recent survey data suggests that electronic health records (EHRs) are the on the forefront of cost savings in the healthcare industry, and could reduce spending by up to $78 billion for agencies through 2019. But for doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies, savings can only be recognized once documents have been scanned and converted. Here's how we can help.

The Big Leap

When it comes to scanning health care documents, many companies are reticent. Why? In large measure, the worry is tied to increasingly strict compliance legislation — if documents are mishandled or lost at any stage of the process, even by a third party, health companies are on the hook. What's more, pharmaceutical companies and other research agencies are often concerned that the quality of document scans may not match the originals, rendering proposals useless or putting a halt to ongoing medical trials.

But the benefits to pharmaceutical document scanning are just as numerous, starting with the ability to instantly access information and search using metadata tags. This means it’s possible to find the data you're looking for — regardless of origin or scan data — using freeform, intuitive search tools. We also understand that security and compliance are paramount for any company considering the move from physical to digital medical documents, and have therefore designed both our project methods and production facilities to exceed HIPAA and FDA requirements. What's more, our production facilities are all housed in Level 5 Nested Secure Locations with round-the-clock surveillance. In other words, we're dedicated to protecting your data from start to finish.

Big Pharma

While there's significant overlap between medical office use of EHRs and that of pharmaceutical companies, there are specific benefits to be gained by pharma researchers when they make the jump to digital, easy-to-search files. First is the ability to easily submit R&D submissions to the FDA — no more searching for a single missing document or part of a project that was improperly filed. What's more, document scanning for pharmaceutical companies provides detailed quality reports along with audit and compliance information. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the ability to instantly access ongoing trial stage images, making the process of managing a new trial across multiple physical locations — or in multiple countries — a simple task.

So how does it all work? First, our team of experts meets with your team to identify document needs and quality expectations. We're also able to provide cost assessment and return on investment (ROI) analysis to help determine where your scanning budget is best spent. When you're satisfied we go to work, scanning files of any type and size, providing full text optical character recognition (OCR), file naming and coding, library indexing and electronic file discovery. To help keep you on budget, we offer fixed-fee pricing and rely on the best in standards-based technology, which helps limit any switching costs.

Pharmaceutical document scanning is now a necessity as compliance rules become increasingly complex and effective trials require on-demand data access. Opt for the best of both worlds: save money and time with Digital Documents, LLC.

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