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Document Scanning Processes

Our document scanning and image conversion processes leverage our substantial investment in technology to refine a number of scanning tasks so our Scan Team can focus on image quality. We utilize a networked scanning workflow solution for our document conversion services that processes images based on your specific project requirements.

While mixed document collections with color and irregular page sizes typically pose a number of quality and production challenges for a traditional service bureau (creating variations that can significantly impact the production scanning process, requiring special handling and processing that can ultimately impact quality), we have designed our production processes and technologies to address such challenges.

To ensure that the best possible image is captured at scan time, we utilize an Image Balancing Technology to measure each image and gauge the optimal settings for the page as it is being scanned. Thus, pages with either light or dark color backgrounds can be processed in a consistent manner with consistent results. The benefit of this technology is that all pages in a file will be scanned in their natural order (as they are organized in a folder), without the need to process pages with color backgrounds using an exception processing workaround.

This ensures that each image is captured in the order it appears in the file and allows us to maintain our production procedures, while providing consistent treatment to all documents. Case law has provided that this consistency of treatment is a critical element to enabling your images to successfully withstand potential legal tests in the future.

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