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HR Document Scanning

Human resources (HR) departments deal with some of the most sensitive information a company owns, including employee records, performance reviews and disciplinary files. Keeping all this data in paper form introduces significant risk — what happens if critical data is compromised or destroyed? Solving the problem requires accurate, timely and compliant document scanning: Here's how Digital Documents, LLC, can help get your HR department on the right track to going paperless.

The Big Deal

Employees already prefer paperless, with many opting for electronic resumes and direct deposit of checks over paper stubs. As a result, HR departments are tasked with “catching up” and ensuring that information is distributed accurately, completely and without delay. The problem? Many HR employees are worried the electronic records are inherently less secure, could accidentally violate privacy law or will lose essential characteristics during the conversion process, rendering them useless.

But there are substantial benefits to going paperless. First, employees are able to access personal documentation via corporate network and can also request specific forms or a face-to-face meeting using online portals. By removing the need to search through stacks of paper — and the risks associated with unintended co-mingling of personal data or damaged documents — HR professionals can ensure compliance and improve employee relations. And at Digital Documents LLC, we make every effort to secure your documents end-to-end, from our secure level five, nested production facility with cypher-locks to our bonded and insured document handlers and multi-step quality assurance process.

Key Components

What makes a great HR document scanning solution? According to Bloomberg, it requires “security, accuracy, reliability, accessibility, privacy and compliance with specific regulations.” Security starts with the right provider, and a conscious decision on the part of HR staff: Are you going entirely paperless, electronic with a paper backup, or only converting a portion of existing files? Anything you don't want to keep can be permanently destroyed at our secure facility or returned to you for destruction. Reliability requires consistency; critical characteristics of your documents must be preserved across paper and electronic formats. Here, our DdSpeedScan, image orientation recognition and dual light image sensing solutions are used to ensure the highest quality results.

Accessibility, privacy and compliance are handled by creating a searchable, meta-tagged index of HR documents that exceeds government compliance standards. You determine who has access and under what conditions — our Optimally Coded Page technology creates flexible file types accessible across multiple media. At each step of the process, quality checks and reviews are conducted to ensure total consistency with document originals.

HR departments are consistently challenged by new forms, new regulations and the expectation of electronic access from employees and management alike. With Digital Documents, LLC, your company can enjoy the freedom of going paperless coupled with the peace of mind that comes with total compliance.

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