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Construction Document Management: Scanning A Solid Foundation

Construction documents are expensive to produce, require experts to decode and are often difficult to transport. Standard architectural drawing sizes in the United States scale up to 3 feet by 4 feet, for example, making them awkward to move and nearly impossible to scan. But with ROI on large projects now directly tied to construction document management, companies need a better way — delays caused by poor-quality printing or the inability to share drawings among project collaborators can quickly add up to lost time and money, especially if plans require multiple revisions. It's possible to maximize ROI without compromising document integrity with the right document management provider, but here are three ways we can help.

Total Project Management

At Digital Documents, LLC, we understand that project ROI doesn't come from drawings in isolation. While digital conversion may be a significant step in the process, even perfectly scanned copies of original plans won't guarantee a profit. That's why we employ a team of Large Format Scanning Experts and offer our cost assessment and return on investment analysis service: it's the combination of People, Process and Technology requirements which underpin the optimal project implementation approach. Risk mitigation is also part of our strategy, which includes a focus on standards-based technology, flexible solutions and fixed-fee pricing. By understanding the needs of construction companies on a case-by-case basis, Digital Documents provides the foundation for total project management.

High Quality Conversion

When the time comes for large format document conversion, it's critical that all elements of a drawing are accurately captured and copied. For example, our dDTruView technology provides high quality grayscale drawing conversion, ideal for complex architectural or construction project drawings that have thousands of tiny notations and require maximum precision. In addition, our conversion process allows companies to select a variety of printing outputs depending on need: in some cases, it may not be necessary to replicate original DPI, while in others this level of accuracy is essential.

Optical Recognition

While replicating even the smallest detail is critical in document management for construction companies, it's just as important to ensure that characters and words on an image are accurately captured during the scanning process; measurements and notations can't be blurred or missing from the final product. Our dDOptimaOCR technology provides leading-edge optical character recognition for construction documents, which not only captures and translates on-page text but removes background colors, noise or shadows. This kind of OCR also empowers other tools such as search and retrieval, allowing documents to be easily located through a simple query.

Construction document management starts with large format scanning, but at Digital Documents we know that's just the ground floor: ROI requires a combination of processes, technology and expertise.

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