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Document Preparation Processes

Our document preparation processes leverage our focus on Lean Manufacturing techniques to minimize variation while adhering to your tailored project requirements. We utilize a proved manufacturing methods to ensure the best possible end product.

While mixed document collections with irregular page sizes typically pose a number of quality and production challenges for a traditional service bureau (creating variations that can significantly impact the production scanning process, requiring special handling and processing that can ultimately impact quality), we have designed our document preparation processes to address such challenges.

The document preparation processes we utilize ensure that the natural order of each document is maintained and that your files are prepared to enable the best possible conversion results. We believe that pre-project training minimizes production variations. Therefore, after the Project Kick-Off Meeting, we create an internal manual for each Team. This manual serves as the training aid that outlines your project requirements. For the Document Preparation Team, we focus on general requirements (such as staple removal, binding removal, document repair and page orientation) and specific requirements (such as special handling of Post-It Notes, color images and media). For example, your Document Preparation Training Manual might contain detailed instructions on how to ‘flag’ color pictures to enable the Scan Team to identify the need to change scanning modes on-the-fly.

At Digital Documents, we understand that organization is critical to the successful conversion of your files. We use the Kanban / Kaizen method of quality production and process improvement (these methods of production and improvement were developed by Toyota and, at their base, define a visual approach to tracking materials through the production process and improving the process when variance is introduced).

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