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Managing Information

Going Digital GuidelinesOur Clients realize tangible benefits that reduce their total document management expense while increasing profits by optimizing their business processes. This allows them to achieve a quick and measurable return-on-investment (ROI).

Did You Know, paper filing systems grow 22% per year. Over 40% of the data utilized on the job is not readily accessible. Support personnel spend up to 60% of their time searching for paper. In fact, a global consulting firm recently concluded a five year international performance cost study, which found that personnel spend up to 4 hours a day looking for information!

We know that the need to access critical files at a moments notice is the primary reason for keeping them on-site. However, at a certain point, the volume of files needed on-sight creates inefficiencies that can impede productivity and require significant annual expense. When critical information is trapped in files and on paper - productivity, performance and profits are dramatically affected, impairing an organization's ability to achieve its full potential.

Utilizing our dDSpeedScan® document conversion project methods and technology solutions, we can quickly Convert Information into Digital Assets for your employees to securely access and utilize. This significantly reduces operating costs and provides the returns sought in today's economy.