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Work Different©

If Information is the Currency of your Organization, how are you Empowering your Team?

Today’s business environment demands that information be secure and instantly accessible. This is a shift from the past and requires you and your Team to Work Different…

At Digital Documents we believe Information is the Currency used to gauge your organization’s mission success. The Services we provide -- Document Scanning, Microfiche Conversion and Secure Cloud Hosting Solutions -- empower your Team's success by converting information into digital assets, returning Productivity, Performance and Profits.

Enabling this level of Team productivity, while managing information security, is critical in today’s competitive market. Unfortunately, when information is trapped on paper, in email attachments, or within legacy systems, productivity can suffer significantly.

Recent studies1 reveal that 30 to 50% of a Team Members time at work is spent searching for information.

  • McKinsey & Company found that converting records to searchable electronic files can reduce the time spent looking for information by as much as 35%, which equates to 2.8 hours a day
  • A recent AIIM survey revealed that findability was “imperative/significant” to 62% of respondents in achieving their organization’s professional objectives
  • IDC reports 40% of staff state they cannot find information needed to do their jobs effectively

We have a significant amount of experience facilitating our Customer’s goal to provide Team Members with timely, convenient access to appropriate information and services through the use of our:

  • dDSmartDocs© document scanning and microfiche conversion services
  • dDImageCode© file naming, indexing and metadata coding services
  • dDSecureSearch© secure cloud hosting solutions for digital files

Specifically, for Document Scanning we developed our open-source, standards based document conversion service - dDSmartDocs. Our rigorous Ten Stage document scanning methodology is founded on the goal of providing our Customers with the highest quality images and coded data available in our industry today. We employ every measure to ensure consistency and quality in document imaging while minimizing variation, by utilizing this rigorous production methodology. This is a tenet of ISO 9000 and Lean Six-Sigma to which we adhere, and the basis of the services we provide each Customer.

Next, to achieve the highest Quality Document Naming, Coding and Indexing results, we work collaboratively with your Team to define a comprehensive and effective naming strategy by employing our Project Naming and Indexing Map. We are experts in designing, developing and implementing comprehensive Document naming, metatagging and indexing strategies. By utilizing our proprietary three-step dDImageCode© process to capture, confirm and validate each coded file name, we can achieve a Six-Sigma level of file naming and indexing accuracy. Our last Audit of 256,569 files (over 35,000,000 images) revealed a 99.99972 level of coding accuracy in capturing file name information imbedded in “unstructured documents." Once captured, this data is then embedded in the File as the Name and Metadata, and provided as a CSV File to enable batch imports into any records management system.

Finally, for Document Management we developed a user-friendly, cloud based, secure, document search and retrieval service – dDSecureSearch. This full-text search service was designed to address the limits of proprietary field-only search solutions that plagued our Customers access to information. At its core, this industrial strength service will empower your Team’s workflow by enabling instant and accurate information retrieval, review and response. The Mini-Apps we developed to support workflow, for departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, and Operations, enables your Team to hit the ground running once its Files are loaded. We also work with many organizations that have existing Document Management Solutions, such as Sharepoint©, to convert and load their records into such solutions. In fact, we built the solution needed to seamlessly load your Team’s records into Sharepoint. Our goal is not only to enable search for known and needed document types today, but enable your Team to search for ANY word or phrase to find that “needle-in-the-haystack” when regulators or constituents request such information tomorrow.

As part of our Project Kick-Off activities, we utilize the following outline to perform a detailed review of your Team’s Document Manage goals, including:

  • Defining the Project Scope
  • Reviewing the Retention Plan
  • Defining a Project Timeline
  • Drafting a Project Budget
  • Piloting a Secure Search Solution

Our comprehensive conversion, naming and hosted search service offerings address the limited capabilities of many systems on the market today, by focusing on the mission and goals we share with Customers – to enable access to information that has been captured once for secure sharing. In addition, because we built each proven offering from the ground-up to address our Customer’s business workflow needs, we can tailor them as necessary, ensuring they evolve with your Business Team’s future technical direction. This flexibility minimizes the burden often placed on an IT Department and eliminates the “shoe-horn” approach of trying to make your Team’s professional needs fit a generic or limited system.

We understand that the key to a successful Document Management Services Project is to start with the end goal in mind. Employing proven technology solutions and conversion methods, we tailor our approach based on your Team’s specific goals. The foundation of this approach is built on leading people, processes and technology practices that comply with industry standards, to provide services that are reliable, maintainable, and scalable.

For example, we utilize a rigorous document conversion approach and a proven virtualized search solution, which focuses on requirements important to the success of such projects, including:

  • Document Scanning Solutions that not only focuses on conversion services, but provide expertise in pre-conversion Best-Practices, as well as post-conversion Boolean Search accuracy
  • Cloud-based Information Search and Image Processing Services to access converted files stored in our Secure Cloud Hosting Platform or your existing Document Management System
  • Document Management Services and Solution Services that scale to grow with your organization’s needs

We have successfully performed these services for many organizations. Most recently we have worked with:

A Global Manufacturer
This Customer needed a way to instantly access over 40,000,000 pages of constituent information trapped on paper and microfiche. Past business processes impaired their ability to serve and support these constituents. Our document scanning services enabled them to implement a Sharepoint Shared Services Solution to streamline business processes by enabling instant access to information electronically to address constituent inquiries.

A Federal Agency
Bombarded with constant information demands, this Agency needed a way to instantly and accurately retrieve and respond to requests, including government inquiries. With information that referenced data on disparate media, partial response to requests' was the norm. By converting and consolidating the various sources of information on paper and microfiche – over 1,500,000 files, we enabled this Customer to confidently and thoroughly provide life-saving information to requestors in a timely fashion. We also provided search solution services that now enable instant access to this information.

A Global Franchise
This group is rapidly growing and existing systems were strained. They needed a way to quickly migrate existing files into a secure and scalable cloud-based search solution. Our cloud hosting platform and search services enabled them to implement a secure Search/DR/COOP solution in a time crunch.

We look forward to serving your Team as it continues to proactively address the ultimate goal of providing constituents with timely, convenient access to appropriate information and services. We trust that this overview of our capabilities explains how our industry leading approach can successfully enable your Team’s current and future information management and retrieval needs. How, you might ask?

Having Digital Documents, LLC professionally scan, code and host your Team’s Records, provides your organization with the benefit of having these digital files conform to open-source file-format requirements ensuring their future value and system compatibility. Through our work with Fortune 500 Companies and Government Agencies, the processes we employ have been tested, approved and utilized to successfully achieve large-scale document management goals.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our Company. We appreciate you taking the time to review this overview, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve your Team.

1 McKinsey & Company - 2012 Unlocking the Value of Productivity Through Social Technologies / AIIM 2008 - Findability Study / IDC - 2012 New Challenges and Opportunities for IT