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Managing Information

Going Digital GuidelinesOur Clients realize tangible benefits that reduce their total document management expense while increasing profits by optimizing their business processes. This allows them to achieve a quick and measurable return-on-investment (ROI).

Did You Know, paper filing systems grow 22% per year. Over 40% of the data utilized on the job is not readily accessible. Support personnel spend up to 60% of their time searching for paper. In fact, a global consulting firm recently concluded a five year international performance cost study, which found that personnel spend up to 4 hours a day looking for information!

We know that the need to access critical files at a moments notice is the primary reason for keeping them on-site. However, at a certain point, the volume of files needed on-sight creates inefficiencies that can impede productivity and require significant annual expense. When critical information is trapped in files and on paper - productivity, performance and profits are dramatically affected, impairing an organization's ability to achieve its full potential.

Utilizing our dDSpeedScan® document conversion project methods and technology solutions, we can quickly Convert Information into Digital Assets for your employees to securely access and utilize. This significantly reduces operating costs and provides the returns sought in today's economy.

Our Experience

It has been our experience that the key to a successful document conversion project is to start with the end goal in mind; then employ proven conversion methods and innovative technology solutions (of which document imaging is just one step in the entire process). Successful document management requires a clear understanding of an organization's People, Process, and Technology Requirements to define the best possible Project Approach.

Our Team of seasoned experts provides best-practice services to support you organization's projects needs. Utilizing our latest innovations and processes, we can provide your organization with the Highest Quality scanned documents and coded data available in the industry today.

Find out what our Clients are saying about the benefits of our Document Management Services and how "going digital" has improved their productivity.

Service Offerings

The dDSpeedScan "digitization"" processes we utilize are World Class, as is evident in the organizations we support. We understand that each project is unique. This requires us to focus on the productivity, performance or profit goals of your organization, and utilize our proven project approach to Preparing, Scanning, Coding and Indexing your documents. The project deliverable is a Standards Based ISO Compliant File Format which eliminates the need for proprietary technologies or future switching costs.

Representative Projects


  • Compliance & Risk Management Solution
  • Goals Alignment & ROI Analysis to Define Value
  • Ongoing Monthly Mission Critical Image Services
  • Detailed Quality & Discrepancy Reports

Results: Defined the optimal solution to enable information on demand and support accurate decision making.


  • Research Files for Compliance & Research Support
  • Scan Research Documents & Research Document Indexing
  • Enable Lab & Agency Access Multi-Site Simultaneous Access

Results: Enabled the pharmaceutical constituents to securely and quickly access research information by leveraging technology to enhance data access.


  • Site Location Files for Management & Sales
  • Scan Site Location Files & Large-Format Drawings
  • Integration with Corporate Document Management System
  • Enable Management & Sales Instant Simultaneous Access

Results: Enabled cross-functional Teams secure and instant access by leveraging technology to enhance access to information.>


  • Chart Conversion Files for Secure Digital Access
  • Scan Case Files & Case File Indexing
  • Doctor POS Application Integration & Support
  • Aggressive Timeline with Rigorous Requirements

Results: Enabled the health care group to quickly convert to a paperless practice by leveraging technology to enhance front and back office services

National Law Firms

  • Case Database Solution
  • Imaging Services & File Indexing
  • Application Integration & Support
  • Aggressive Timeline with Stringent Requirements

Results: Enabled the organization to quickly and effectively leverage technology to enhance employee productivity and performance.

Federal Government

  • Document Management Services
  • Requirements Analysis & Application Integration
  • Core Competency Image Scanning Services
  • Multi-Site Simultaneous Access

Results: Enabled agencies to effectively share the information needed to successfully support their constituents.

Human Capital & Human Resources Management

  • Constituent Inquiry & Retrieval Solution
  • Document Management Strategy Definition
  • Scan Employee & Benefit Files
  • File Indexing & Search Software Selection

Results: Defined, developed and implemented the services and solutions needed to enable instant access to employee information.

Success Stories

Global Financial Services Firm

"We would like to let you know of the tremendous value that has been instilled into our operations and that we would like to continue our partnership. All of you at your company are to be commended for your hard work. Thank you again for your continued contribution."

Nationwide Bank Shared Services Group

"The services and integration support provided enabled us to gain productivity efficiencies and improved the level of service we provide to our constituents. We are very pleased."

Federal Credit Union

"The time savings is amazing. I am really impressed with the quality of your Team's work."

Regional Accounting Firm

"Your team are very knowledgeable and were thorough and responsive during our project. We frequently had to retrieve files while in process, and were always able to get the files within 24 hours. We have been very satisfied with your services."

Global Defense Contractor

"Thanks! We appreciate all the expertise you've contributed to this project!"

Global Hospitality Group

"Great work on a difficult project. Thank you for helping us realize our disaster recovery goals."

Global Aerospace Company

"Digital Documents had conducted numerous projects for us. The largest of which required scanning archived boxes of files, microfiche and microfilm that you transported coast-to-coast on our behalf. All of the work was done per the project timeline and deliverables were received timely -- well done."

Global Manufacturing Company

"We have been working with Digital Documents for years now and have continually found the service and support you provide unparalleled. The Document Management Services your team crafted for us now make it possible to retrieve and review documents in a fraction of the time."

Global Consulting Firm

"Awesome work. Thank you. This makes our knowledge library a competitive asset."

Regional Professional Services Firm

"Our Firm is so much more productive. The digital world is amazing. We would have gone digital much sooner if we had know the benefits."

National Healthcare Group

"Thank you. Your team enabled us to realize our paperless office goal."

Institution of Higher Education

"Thank you for all your help and terrific customer service."

Global Law Firm

"We can now leverage the knowledge capital of our Firm on a global scale. Paper that was once a cost is now a valued asset. Thank you."

Regional Law Firm

"We appreciate all the hard work your team has done and all the assistance you have given us. I want to discuss future work."

Federal Government Agency

"The work you performed for us saved the day! We are now able to immediately address Board of Directors and Congressional Inquiries that took weeks to before."

Local Law Enforcement

"You guys rock. Thanks for doing this all so fast."

Department of Homeland Security

"As far as the digital files, we are ecstatic with them. Last week, I spent 2-3 hours searching the files and pulled up information that would have taken me weeks if I could have even produced the same information from the paper files. It was amazing! Thanks for such great work!"

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Quality Focus

To achieve the best possible document conversion results, our Team focuses not only on processing each page, but also on identifying document scanning issues before they occur. To achieve this, we invest in the latest technologies to protect against document scanning quality errors. These patented technologies enable our Scan Team to proactively address the most challenging problems affecting quality in our industry.

Unlike other technologies that are triggered only by predefined operator settings, the patented technologies we utilize are event triggered and rated the best detection solutions in the industry. We have found that the utilization of these technologies provides unsurpassed document scanning quality in our production facilities.

Furthermore, to ensure the best possible image is consistently reproduced at the highest level of quality, it is essential not only to leverage the latest technologies, but to empower Team Members to perform at an agreed upon standard of quality -- our dDQualityActions©. We set high standards and clear expectations up-front to achieve the optimal performance from our Team. In addition, we are able to offer the highest level of quality available in the market to date, by valuing good people, defining effective and efficient processes, and developing and/or investing in leading technologies to support your document scanning services requirements.

Project Tools

If your Team is considering a conversion project, please see the Document Scanning Project Tools we developed to support your decision making process. Our goal is to provide the support your Team needs to make informed decisions based on your organization's unique project requirements.

The Tools and Resources we provide serve as guides enabling the optimal decision on all aspects of a project, from Project Requirements to Project Implementation.