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Our document management services facilitate instant and secure access to information with increased productivity, performance and profits. In your email please provide a description of the project and a contact phone number

Federal Government Document Management Services

Converting Information into Digital Assets®

As is a leading Government Support Services company, Digital Documents, LLC offers Document Scanning and Imaging Services. We provide Best Practice Support to the Public Sector Community, which enables Agencies to instantly access the information contained in their files.

Digital imaging technology is the most significant decision support tool introduced to the Public Sector Market in years. Agencies that take advantage of this technology realize immediate performance and productivity gains that enable efficient management of documents, public files, employee files, constituent files, case files, and related documents. When critical information is trapped inside folders, on paper or in faxes, productivity and performance are dramatically impacted.

Our team of recognized Document Management Services experts provides conversion services to support large-scale projects that require quick turnarounds and high quality deliverables. Utilizing our latest dDSpeedScan® and dDOptimaOCR® technologies and processes, we can provide your team with the Highest Quality scanned files and coded data available in the industry today.

Federal Government Support Offerings

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

We specifically designed our project methods and production facilities to ensure Image Quality and Document Integrity for sensitive Government document conversion projects. The benefits gained from our services result in increased productivity and performance by eliminating the time required to find critical information. Our goal is to serve your Agency’s needs as efficiently and effectively as possible to maximize the benefits of such a project. To accomplish this we focus on the following:

  • Flexible Solutions (to maximize value and system integration)
  • Project Quality (to control and assure high quality deliverables per the NARA Requirements for document conversion)
  • Standards Based Technology (to minimize proprietary technology switching costs)
  • Facility Security (all facilities are in Level 5 Nested Secure Locations with 24 x 7 Security Guards, Monitored Surveillance Cameras and Motion Sensor Alarms)
  • Fixed Fee Pricing (to contain price and enable budgeting)

Representative Project Engagements

NASA – Digital and Research Library

  • Requirements: Global access to satellite telemetry data.
  • Ramifications: Required the conversion and optical character recognition of over 300,000 documents.
  • Results: Enabled NASA to access to charts, images and data by scientists and researchers around the world.

OPM – Knowledge Management and On-Line Access

  • Requirements: On-line access to staff records from multiple locations.
  • Ramifications: Required the conversion, optical character recognition and detailed indexing for tens of thousands of pages from a mixed document collection.
  • Results: Enabled OPM to organization to quickly and easily, locate, access and share documents among multiple locations.

Homeland Security – Paperless Office

  • Requirements: Paperless initiative to provide instant access to personnel information.
  • Ramifications: Required the conversion of a mixed document collection dating from pre-WW II, with pinpoint search and retrieval accuracy.
  • Results: Enabled the US Coast Guard to convert to a paperless office and exceed productivity and service accuracy targets.

U.S. Postal Services – Knowledge Management

  • Requirements: Knowledge management initiative to support the mission critical rollout of the security response messaging system.
  • Ramifications: Required a secure search, retrieval and compliance format with multi-stream capability, compatible with the organization’s current intranet architecture.
  • Results: Enabled the US Postal Service to rapidly deploy support and training materials needed to facilitate the implementation of a priority one Initiative.

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