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Microfiche Scanning Services

Safely and effectively storing documents is a challenge for any organization, and while companies are now moving away from paper storage to embrace the flexibility of digital storage and conversion, many have large amounts of microfiche, which are the only existing representations of critical, hard copy paperwork. As such, there is often a reluctance to apply scanning and conversion techniques to this storage medium, but at Digital Documents, LLC, we have developed industry leading microfiche imaging services to ensure high-quality scanning results coupled with maximum security. With service in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, we’re ready to help you.

Why Microfiche?

For many companies, the use of microfiche — essentially a photographic negative of any document, which is then reduced in size to save storage space — was an ideal alternative to paper. With long shelf life and small physical footprint, microfiche forms such as COM (Computer Output Microfiche), Jacketed, Step and Repeat and Rewritable provided a simple way to store and access critical information. Paper files could be destroyed or moved off site and security risks were minimized since special equipment was required to view fiche.

Why Go Digital?

What microfiche was to paper, digital scanning is to microfiche. The finite life span of fiche means that it will eventually decay and become unreadable; extending it’s shelf life means spending money on temperature and moisture-controlled environments. In addition, the equipment required to read microfiche is expensive — if broken, documents become inaccessible.

Going digital through a microfiche imaging service provides three key benefits: First, microfiche conversion services create a database of searchable files that can be accessed using any network-connected device. No longer are companies tied to large fiche readers or worried about these machines breaking — files can be easily replicated across networks and devices. Second, high-quality digital scanning services can vastly improve the quality of microfiche files, turning nearly illegible documents into clear and uniform digital representations. Finally, the need for microfiche storage is eliminated, removing the cost of physical security and environmental protection.

The Digital Documents Difference

At Digital Documents, we've developed a microfiche imaging service to maintain complete document security and ensure the highest-quality image result. Microfiche are first transported to our secure facility and then indexed, at which time a file system is created to meet our client's specific needs. Next, our best-of-breed technology creates a high-resolution image of each document while our quality control experts ensure that each result is legible and conforms to our high standards. Once the scanning process is complete, microfiche is returned or securely destroyed.

The final product? A database of easily searchable, reliably indexed and high-quality digital conversions of microfiche documents resulting in improved productivity, enhanced performance and significantly reduced storage costs.

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