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Document Scanning In Washington, DC

The seat of federal government agencies in the United States, Washington, DC has enjoyed unparalleled economic growth over the last 200 years. As noted by research from George Mason University, however, the city is now facing unique challenges as federal funding for local projects dwindles and private sector businesses become key to success.

One critical factor in getting ahead? Leveraging the region's strong technology infrastructure and entrepreneurial climate. That's where Digital Documents comes in — our document scanning services in Washington, DC, are the first step to empowering your organizational process.

The Old and New Washington, DC

The GMU study also found that Washington, DC is in large measure caught between two worlds: tech-based business and service occupations. Coexistence is made possible by access to federal government contracts and investment, but this economic infrastructure is showing its age as federal projects dwindle and the government puts greater emphasis on technology over tradition. In other words, Washington, DC is a city in transition; to succeed in nation's capital, your business must follow suit.

This means getting on board with federal programs focused on eliminating document waste and replication in favor of streamlined databases and standards-compliant digital information. But there's a big difference between the need for document scanning services in Washington, DC and finding the right company. Some have the right price but don't have the technology to deliver high-quality results, while others have established processes that leave no room for individual business needs. At Digital Documents, we've developed a method to keep you on budget and ahead of the competition.

Economies of Scale

Any digital scanning project is worth doing right. This means finding a provider that offers large scale, mission critical conversions along with quick turnarounds and high quality deliverables — we've created a 10-step process, which satisfies both ISO 9000 and Total Quality procedures. The result gives your company the ideal combination of speed and quality.

Our Washington, DC digital scanning service starts with defining your organization's goals to form the basis of a tailored conversion solution. We then schedule time to process a set of sample documents for your team's review and approval. Once all documents are received, we prepare your files for scanning and perform our three-stage dDQualityActions review to ensure all of your requirements are met and no variation is introduced to the scanning process.

Next is software set-up followed by file conversion and post-conversion services; at each stage, we also perform quality review to ensure all documents meet expectations and all text is digitally processed to enhance search and retrieval accuracy. Files are then named, coded and metadata is integrated using our Optimally Coded Page technologies. Finally, your new digital documents are received, reviewed and any copies are permanently deleted from our systems using technology that exceeds U.S. Department of Defense file destruction requirements. Our 10-step solution is designed to meet your scanning needs and deliver the ideal end result.

Want to get ahead in the changing market of Washington, DC? Start with high-quality document scanning and the unique conversion process of Digital Documents, LLC.

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