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What Is Cloud Hosting?

It's all in the cloud. Anyone who has grown up with computers from their earliest incarnation may find this statement scary. After all, where is the cloud and what is it? Does it make data more or less secure to know where it’s hosted at all times? Aren't clouds just dirt and water droplets? At Digital Documents, LLC, we know the importance of keeping data secured. The cloud can be an important part of your overall business plan to maintain your connection to the Internet.

Get Served!

If you have a server dedicated to hosting your website, you are missing out on the main purpose of cloud hosting. A single dedicated server can require downtime for maintenance. It may experience a mechanical failure or have another problem that will cause your website to go down. That can mean a loss of sales for your business and a lack of revenue generation if you use your website for income.

Cloud hosting spreads your information across several servers, usually in different geographic locations. If one server goes down or gets slower, another steps in to pick up the performance level. If an emergency happens in the physical location of one server, another server elsewhere still has your information stored and usable. Of course, this security feature is dependent on your cloud hosting provider.

Cost Margins

The cloud hosting solution in Washington, DC, for most people is relatively affordable because the cost generally depends on how much storage space you need and how often you access it. Small businesses that need a lot of cloud space may find the cost to be too prohibitive. Fortunately, the price is going down every year as smaller businesses jump into the business of hosting things in the cloud. And, no, you don't have to worry about your data getting wet or dirty since in the Internet, the cloud is a server protected from the wear and tear of ordinary use.

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