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The Most Common Paper Document Storage Issues and How To Solve Them

In today’s business world, sticking with paper document storage is more than old-fashioned; in fact, it’s a serious problem. When companies keep all records, files and other documentation on site, they put one of their greatest business assets — information — at risk. That’s why, in order to best protect, use and store your company’s paperwork, you have to think outside the traditional model of storage bins and file cabinets. You need a digital storage solution.

Typical Problems with Paper Document Storage

Does paper documentation truly impact a business’s bottom line? How? What document storage issues does it create? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at four of the most common issues that arise when companies house documents on site:

  1. Wasted Physical Space. The longer a company exists, the more documentation it has and the more space it needs to store all that documentation. Whether it’s through an initial storage room or an eventual warehouse, a great deal of physical space has to be allocated toward storing traditional paperwork. This not only requires financial costs to keep and maintain a space, but also space that could have been allocated toward offices, meeting rooms or other business uses. In addition, when a company’s storage needs change quickly, as in a period of great business growth for example, it’s hard to have the physical storage-space flexibility to adapt.
  2. Increased Security Risks. Traditional paper records are vulnerable to security breaches when they get into the wrong hands — and, for sensitive information like bank account numbers, social security numbers, individual identifying information, etc. — this is an obvious problem.
  3. Lack of “Searchability.” Finding a particular file shouldn’t have to feel like a treasure hunt, but with paper documentation, sometimes that’s exactly what it is. A great deal of time and resources are spent searching through paper documents in an attempt to find what’s needed, as paper documents are not easily searchable or able to be scanned in a hurry.
  4. Threat of Natural Disaster. In the event of a flood, a fire or some other natural disaster, paper documentation could be completely destroyed. For many companies, this kind of paper document storage risk is harmful enough to potentially destroy their business, when all records get wiped out.

Because of these serious document storage issues, companies need a better way to house records. That’s where scanned document management comes into play.

How to Better Manage and Protect Business Documents

Instead of housing physical copies of every business document, companies find a better solution in digital storage from Digital Documents. Using advanced technology and strict quality-control practices, we provide companies with the highest quality of imaging and coded data in the industry, creating a scalable, searchable way to store information. With our digital storage, it’s easy to find specific records through a quick search, protect data from theft or damage, minimize risks and minimize physical storage space.

Are you interested in transforming the way you store documents? Ready to go digital and reap the benefits? Let us help!

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