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The Process of Digital Document Scanning

Document scanning services can be an asset to any business in any field. Not only does it help you keep up with the times, it keeps your records more organized and accessible than ever before. While you could buy a scanner and have your employees do the job in-house, a professional document scanning service can get the job done in a fraction of the time with far higher quality results. So, just how does document scanning transfer your books and papers to the computer?


To get the highest quality scans possible, the first step performed by the scanning company is preparing the documents beforehand. Each document has to be gone through individually--employees will unfold dog-ears and remove staples and paperclips. Finally, the documents will be straightened and aligned correctly before being sent to the scanner.


The scanning process is time-consuming but fairly straightforward. Each document is scanned, and a digital copy is stored in the computer. The process is carefully monitored in real time in order to catch any scans that don’t come out correctly. Documents can either be saved as viewable files or as files that can be edited. Let the scanning company know which you need when hiring them.

Accessing Your Documents

Once your files are uploaded, the final part of document imaging services involves organizing them so that they’re easy to access in the future. You can choose how the information is given to you--whether you want the files to be delivered on a DVD or USB stick, or if you want them uploaded to cloud storage.

Document Disposal

When you’re done with your old files, the scanning company can dispose of them however you prefer. If you choose to have them shredded or recycled, you will be issued a certificate of destruction as proof that no one else can get their hands on your confidential information. Alternately, the files can be returned to you if you wish to keep the hard copies as backup.

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