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While a small cache of microfiche is definitely more portable and a huge space saver compared to a collection of books or magazines, a virtual library of digital documents can fit onto a single thumb drive. That means scanning and converting your microfiche can turn what used to require multiple cases and possibly multiple rooms into something that can literally fit conveniently onto a keychain. There's simply no equal when it comes to portability and saving space.


While a thumb drive is portable, remote access takes it a step further. Digital documents can be stored for cloud access, archived and stored on servers, and transmitted across the globe in mere moments. Documents sitting on a server in London could be accessed by a remote team in Melbourne. This means that everyone who needs to have those documents available can manage to access them simply by having Internet service and a laptop or even a phone. Your collection of microfiche can go from requiring hundreds or thousands of miles to travel, to simply requiring a login name and password.


Of course, backing up microfiche is a time-consuming process. However, backing up digital documents can be done via servers, cloud storage, a portable hard drive, or a flash drive. Backups can be done often, easy to perform, and easy to access. Having ample copies and redundant storage options means that losing your data will be next to impossible.

Perhaps microfiche scanning doesn't sound overly exciting, but the advantages to converting your microfiche to digital documents are plentiful and powerful. In an increasingly global world, and with remote workers and remote accessibility being more and more a requirement, it's easy to see how important microfiche scanning could be for you and your business. There's simply no substitute for the potency and performance of a digital archive.

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