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Why Scanning Is a Preferable Solution to Document Storage

In today’s marketplace, digitizing your files is increasingly important. Not only does storing documents in the digital realm deliver significant productivity, performance and profit enhancements, but it also can be crucial in helping you move toward your specific business goals. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the strong benefits of document storage services as compared with traditional methods of physically storing business paperwork.

Reducing File Storage: When you’re talking about the hundreds or millions of pages housed in your file cabinets, you’re talking about a massive amount of physical space. Simply storing all that paperwork can consume a lot of valuable real estate  — which is both a cost and an inconvenience for businesses. Converting paperwork into digital files, on the other hand, means having all those files securely accessible as valuable digital assets.

Preventing File Damage: Files kept in physical folders are vulnerable to a number of risks, from fire and water to loss. By converting records to digital files, your organization can protect them as part of it's disaster recovery program.

Finding Files Easier: Once paper documents become scanned files, they can be searchable. This means, instead of hunting through filing cabinets, you and your team can simply type in a search term and retrieve what you need right away. Research is faster, easier and secure.

Improving Team Productivity: The combined effect of easy-to-locate files and simpler organization for paperwork is a team that is empowered to work efficiently. When your staff members don’t have to waste time searching for files and when your office space doesn’t have to include enormous amounts of physical files, you are able to be more productive as a business. What’s more, your organization saves time and money that would have been spent on realestate and file management.

Providing File Security: Keeping records safe and confidential is more than a benefit to your customers — it’s also a necessary step in order to comply with privacy standards and protect against fraud. By utilizing a digital document storage solution, your Team can secure its records.

Controlling File Access: One of the biggest threats to file security is unauthorized access — something that is preventable with digital record keeping. Through use of a robust document storage solution, your Team can set who is able to access files and when. This way, confidential information is only in the hands of those who should see it. In addition, such a system will provide an audit trail so that you can always determine what was done with the file.

Whether you’re trying to free up office space, protect paperwork, comply with regulations or boost overall business productivity, document storage services can help. At Digital Documents, we have an established track record of more than 30 years helping Clients who are inundated with paperwork. Visit our site to learn more!

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