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Microfiche Scanning In Virginia

Microfiche remains a popular storage medium in Virginia, but is quickly becoming a costly option for local companies. Consider the microfilm storage guidelines described by the University of Virginia, which include specifications about the type of film to be used, its ideal resolution, density and the need for monthly testing to ensure that the “file has been processed properly for archival retention.” Problem is, archival retention and retrieval are not the same thing.

In a state that prides itself on next-generation technology from industries such as advanced materials development, data centers and energy management, microfiche has a natural expiration date. The alternative? High-quality microfiche scanning in Virginia.

The Digital Alternative

Every organization can significantly benefit from efficient document management. If paper files or microfiche cards aren't properly organized and easily accessible, employees spend a considerable amount of time searching for relevant documents instead of completing mission-critical tasks. Some studies put this amount of time at 30 to 60% or 2 to 3 days out of the week! What's more, security becomes an issue when organizations can't identify exactly where documents are located or when they discover that files have been “misplaced.”

The first step to better document management is digital conversion. Although microfiche offers long life and low maintenance, replacing a single slide can be costly and if a natural disaster such as flood or fire destroys your collection it can be all but impossible to replace. Storing fiche off-site is one option, but this limits access to records and means you must rely on a physical storage provider to manage heat and humidity — while microfiche can last up to 500 years, even small temperature fluctuations can significantly shorten its lifespan by degrading the image quality, rendering it illegible.

Digital documents, meanwhile, can be stored anywhere — on local server stacks, in an off-site databases or even in secure cloud platforms. Secure cloud based platforms are a popular topic and address disaster and access from multiple locations. Even if on-site data is entirely wiped out, a cloud-based backup easily restores all documents. What's more, digital conversion offers the benefit of standardization. Microfiche comes in multiple types and sizes and, depending on the quality of the original negative, can vary greatly in readability. Microfiche scanning from a trusted provider changes all that, creating a standardized digital template which accounts for changes in type, text or size to produce a set of uniform, easily-searchable digital documents.

Not Created Equal

While microfiche scanning in Virginia is becoming a popular service, not all providers offer the same process or end result. Look for a provider that offers one-to-one consultations with your project managers to develop a conversion process that meets your needs. In addition, make sure they can offer a quality end result, since converting documents to a digital format doesn’t automatically make them legible. Providers that have experience handling all types of microfiche — from jacketed to step and repeat — are typically a cut above the rest.

Need microfiche scanning in Virginia? Start with Digital Documents. We have the methods, tools and expertise to ensure a smooth transition and get you started on the path to strategic document management.

Ok, what next?

Put us to the test! Contact us today to schedule a time for us to process a set of sample documents for your Team's review. This sample will enable you to evaluate a set of converted files and show others the power and flexibility of our proposed Document Management Services.

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