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Microfiche Scanning In Maryland

The state of Maryland prides itself on being at the forefront of technology innovation. According to the state's official website, for example, some of their key industry sectors include aerospace and defense, life sciences and cybersecurity. Like many states, however, Maryland has its share of less-technical document management practices — many genealogical records remain on microfiche, along with a host of university documents. With tech companies now targeting Maryland for new offices and initiatives, how do local businesses make sure they're ready to compete?

Going Digital

The first step in any forward-thinking document management program is transitioning from microfiche to digital storage. While microfiche offers several notable benefits, such as ease of storage and longevity, it also comes with significant drawbacks. For example, slides can only be read one at a time and require the use of a special machine. If master negatives aren't kept in a secure, temperature-controlled environment, meanwhile, there's no way to replace lost or age-damaged files.

Digital conversion eliminates these problems, while providing instant access. Digital Documents can be stored in geo-redundant locations so information retrieval is ensured and seamless to the End User. Mobility is also a key benefit to going digital. Considering an expansion across the state or even the country? Converting your microfiche to digital files lets your Team securly access files wherever they go, without the need to transport and protect truckloads full of physical media.

Choosing the Right Service

So how do you find microfiche scanning in Maryland that meets your requirements? In a technology-driven state, document conversion startups are common and all claim to offer the “best” service and price. First, look for a company that has a stellar reputation in the conversion industry, one that has developed a set of scanning best practices to ensure all conversions meet your high standards and can be quickly indexed to enable on-demand search and retrieval. In addition, seek out providers that offer one-on-one consultation with your project managers to develop a conversion process that makes sense for your specific needs and industry vertical. When it comes to document scanning, one size does not fit all — tailored solutions are the best way to convert information into digital assets and ensure that your organization's data is never out of reach.

Microfiche scanning companies in Maryland should also pay special attention to document security. This means auditable handling of all your physical files and a rigorous conversion process that creates a consistent digital output. Such output is critical if your company is ever compelled to produce records of how data was converted and prove that information was not added or removed during the microfiche-to-digital process.

Maryland businesses are looking for the best in microfiche scanning to future-proof their document storage and search solutions. At Digital Documents, we've developed best-in-class microfiche scanning methods to produce clear, compliant and tailored digital conversion solutions to meet your Team's needs.

Ok, what next?

Put us to the test! Contact us today to schedule a time for us to process a set of sample documents for your Team's review. This sample will enable you to evaluate a set of converted files and show others the power and flexibility of our proposed Document Management Services.

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