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Microfiche Scanning in Washington D.C.

As a primary collection site for a myriad of historical documents, Washington, D.C., remains a hotbed of microfiche activity. For example, the National Security Archive at George Washington University keeps a massive set of microfiche on file and many other municipal, state and federal agencies follow suit. For Washington-area businesses, however, the days of large collections and damaged cards are coming to an end — going digital is now key to long-term records keeping because it enables simple and effective search and retrieval. Want to get started with microfiche scanning in Washington D.C.? Here's what you need to know.

Safety in Numbers

That's often the attitude taken about microfiche by large government agencies: with enough slides on file and the ability to create more as needed, many federal institutions don't see the need for digital conversion. The transition is often made more difficult due to the sensitive nature of government documents — so long as microfiche stay tightly locked away, there's little chance of a breach.
Washington, D.C. companies, therefore, are faced with a problem, since many are approved government contractors or deal with personally identifiable information (PII) on a daily basis. Converting this data from microfiche to digital is appealing for speed of search and accuracy of retrieval, but what if the scanning company doesn't deliver quality end results?

Benefits of Digital

Going digital offers several benefits over traditional microfiche. First is longevity. While fiche systems are advertised as lasting “up to 500 years” in marketing materials, real-world use significantly lowers this timeframe. Fluctuations of humidity or temperature in your fiche storage system can cause irreparable damage.

Going digital, meanwhile, allows near-infinite storage of documents. Need another copy? If you should have access, one can be made within seconds. Want on-site access and a more robust disaster recovery / business continuity solution? Keep digital files on both local servers and stored in a secure cloud platfrom.

Choosing the Right Provider

So how do you find the right microfiche scanning company in Washington D.C.? First, look for a company that can handle all types of microfiche including jacketed, step and repeat, and computer output microfiche (COM). In addition, seek out a provider that offers standardized image output. This is critical because source documents come in all shapes and sizes — some are in color, some are black and white. Some are handwritten, while others may be typed or printed. By creating a standard “image” profile, you get the benefit of improved document management with a searchable library that can be securely accessed on demand. Finally, make sure you only do business with a microfiche scanning vendor that can create ISO compliant documents.

Considering microfiche scanning in Washington, D.C.? You're not alone — the city is quickly moving from a physical storage environment to more secure, long-term digital alternatives. At Digital Documents, we offer the ideal combination of technology, experience and expertise to convert physical files into digital assets.

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