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Is Microfiche Document Scanning Worth Your Money?

Microfiche is a black and white photograph of a document, like a negative. It has been used to store newspaper articles and documents compactly. A single sheet of microfiche often contains dozens of documents in miniature. Although there is nothing wrong with this method, it's outdated and a hassle, which is why many companies have turned to a microfiche scanning service to digitize their records. This can also be a hassle, but it's definitely worth the time and money.

Disadvantages of Microfiche

There are problems with using microfiche that make digital records much more favorable and effective. Mainly, microfiche can become damaged and unreadable. Over time, the image fades, and without backups, the information is permanently lost. For this reason alone, it is best to have digital documents. It can save you a crisis later.

Increased Productivity

Aside from the security of digitizing, it can save money through increased productivity. When a document is stored on microfiche, you have to search through sheets of other documents to find the one you are looking for. This takes time, and when you are running a business, every second counts. If a document is on a computer, it can be located, copied, and enlarged in seconds. They can even be looked at outside the office if need be. Having digital documents increases productivity by saving you the time otherwise spent searching.

Decreased Storage

Another cost-saving effect of microfiche scanning is the decrease in storage space once all documents are digital. A single sheet of microfiche doesn’t take up much space by itself, but when you have thousands of records stored on microfiche, it can be costly to store. Scanning all of your microfiche documents means you no longer need the physical records and you save money on storage.

A microfiche imaging service can save you time and money by turning all of your outdated records into easily accessible and transportable computer files. Although microfiche scanning costs money to implement, it saves money every year afterwards.

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