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How To Choose The Right Document Imaging Service For Your Business

While price is a factor in selecting document imaging services, it should not be the only one when making this decision. Learn what variables really matter when choosing a document imaging company to make the right choice for your business needs.

The following considerations are more important than price in ensuring that you are happy with the quality and level of services provided:

Services offered. Do you need scanning only, or do you want documents to be made searchable, too? Does the company only work with paper or can it accommodate older formats, such as microfiche? Take inventory of your needs to make sure that you select a company that can meet all of your scanning requirements.

File organization. You may assume that the organized paper files you give to a digital document imaging service will return to you the same way — organized. Unfortunately, many document scanning services use naming conventions like 001.pdf, 002.pdf and so on. In this scenario, you cannot reliably use the scanned documents to find information. To reduce frustration, look for a provider that can ensure your scanned documents are professionally organized and usable upon return.

Level of quality provided. If you have older papers in need of digitizing, they may have started breaking down. With something like onionskin paper, ink may bleed through the paper to the point where it cannot be scanned. A reputable scanning service should be able to control for quality so you only receive high-quality scans. If quality standards cannot be upheld, the service provider should notify you. This way, you can decide whether to shred the document or archive the paper copy, in case it's needed.

Turnaround time. How long will it take for a company to complete the work? Ask potential service providers for a document imaging project plan to know what you can expect. The plan should cover variables including turnaround time, scan quality, security measures to protect documents, scan resolution, file size and file storage.

Industry knowledge and experience. Whether you work in legal, medical or pharmaceutical industries, your business needs understandably differ. We think a document scanning and imaging service provider should not deliver one-size-fits-all service.

Communication and customer service. If you're focused only on price, you probably aren't paying for quality customer service. Good service can make or break your scanning experience. A company that values communication will let you know when problems arise and ask you how to proceed — providing recommendations and solutions for each step, catering to your needs.

Why Digital Documents?

At Digital Documents, we are always thinking about the end deliverable. This allows us to ensure your requirements are met at every phase of the document imaging and scanning process. We provide potential clients with a document scanning cost assessment and return on investment analysis, so clients can make informed decisions about when or what to convert. We know our thorough service sets us apart from the competition, and we invite you to experience it for yourselves.

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