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Benefits of A Cloud-Based Document System

All companies have documents, and for most organizations, managing these documents is a time-consuming process. Some are stored in cabinets, some are kept on physical media — such as magnetic tape — and some have been digitized. The result? You need a robust, streamlined document management system able to unify location, access and format. At Digital Documents, we've developed a suite of cloud-hosted solutions purpose-built to solve document headaches; here's a look at the top benefits of cloud document management solutions.

Total Conversion

The road to a cloud-based system starts with document conversion. Consider our microfiche conversion services: While the small physical footprint of microfiche slides made them an attractive option when paper records began to overtake offices, the technology to produce and read fiche is now prohibitively expensive. Conversion of existing microfiche through our secure, multi-step process provides the foundation for cloud-based documents that accurately duplicate your previous physical collection.

Uniform Standards

Moving to the cloud also gives you the opportunity to ensure all documents are uniformly scanned and standardized. Our dDSpeedScan technologies ensure high-quality scans of all documents regardless of origin or type, ultimately providing you a database of information that allows you to easily meet digital compliance standards of legal, federal or financial institutions. This is critical in a world where the owner of information — your organization — is often called to provide a clear and uninterrupted view of document movement, access and revision.

Secure Hosting

Once all of your documents have been converted, scanned and coded, they need a new place to call home. Our secure hosting services ensure your library is kept away from prying eyes and inaccessible to anyone without the right access permissions. Redundant, high-performance servers ensure that your documents remain available regardless of any issues experienced at a local level.

Complete Access

In addition to the potential security risk posed by keeping multiple physical document types in myriad locations, you also face the problem of access: Even with intimate knowledge of the system, it's often difficult for employees to track down the specific document or file they need. The result? You lose time and money. Cloud-based document solutions from Digital Documents provide a single point of access for all documents — search using keywords, file information or metadata to find exactly what you're looking for, exactly when you need it.

Room To Grow

Choosing a cloud-based system also gives you room to grow. As new physical files are generated or digital images created, Digital Documents can add them to your cloud library. Better still? Local servers are freed for other tasks when all storage is handled by our secure hosted solution.

Ready to take your document management to the next level and eliminate the headache of paper record keeping? Start with Digital Documents. Our best-in-class conversion, scanning and cloud-hosting services offer the edge you need to ensure all documents are safe, accessible and efficiently organized.

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