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Advancements in the Document Scanning Industry

The document scanning industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Today, customers can take advantage of numerous advances in technology that mean even greater capabilities. Here are six of the hottest trends in document scanning services and how they could impact your business.

Take Flow Further

One of the greatest benefits document scanning services afford businesses is speed. And with emerging workflow technology that routes electronic documents to the appropriate people or teams for expedited approvals, business processes will not only be automated but streamlined as well for greater efficiency.

Easier Electronic Distribution

Thanks to the latest developments, businesses can leverage document distribution technology to share documents online. Instant and easy, electronic distribution boosts delivery speed, operating efficiencies, and savings over fax or mail. Plus, with electronic distribution, the documents can be securely saved in back-up, off-site storage that will protect critical company data.

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

Businesses can now incorporate scanning and document management functions into their existing applications and processes thanks to image-enabled software technology. Fully integrated, the technology enables businesses to implement document imaging while allowing employees to operate without disruption to their current practices.

Process Forms Faster

New technology that allows companies to scan and extract data from handwritten or typed text means faster processing of forms with either structured or unstructured data. Whether you have invoices, orders, or bills, the document scanning capabilities enable businesses to dramatically reduce the processing time to just hours.

Preferable Formats

Today, one of the most common document formats is PDF. With advances in document scanning technology, devices that feature a combination of applications can now scan paper documents into PDF files. The PDF files can then be safely stored, organized, and shared.

Search and Find

It can be challenging to track down a paper-based document. But thanks to document scanning advances, businesses can now convert important papers like contracts and customer records into electronic documents. The documents can then be quickly and easily stored, searched, and accessed for viewing or printing. Plus, by converting the papers, businesses can free up file space, reduce the risk of lost documents, and decrease operational costs.

Every business today has myriad records and documents. Leverage the latest developments in document scanning technology to improve access, distribution, and management, and boost your operational efficiencies.

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